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BJJUnderdog.com is the brain child of Sheri Hockman.  This 38 years old mother of three has been training the better part of 8 years in Jiu-Jitsu and has seen many ups and downs.  She has created this blog to help and inspire those of us who consider themselves to be underdogs in the art.  Who is an Underdog?  Anyone and everyone that can honestly say that they have areas that they can improve on.  Check it out!


From the site:

BJJ underdogs are grappling practioners at any level
who are expected to lose the fight because of
size limitations, age, inexperience, gender, weakness,
lack of speed, endurance deficits or compromised flexibility.

Are you an “underdog” who continues to thrive in this
“top dog” sport?

If so…..we want your perspective!
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