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Some Testimonials About our Academy

It’s always great to get feedback from those that train with us.  Read on…



Rosendo Diaz is without a doubt one of the most technical & knowledgeable instructors out there. I’ve been very fortunate to learn from someone of such skill and character. He’s the man.
-Dan Y. – North Wales, PA


I highly recommend that anyone looking for true brazilian jiu jitsu in the greater philadelphia area, look no further than Rosendo Diaz.
Joe K · Blandon, Pennsylvania


Rosendo Diaz is a top notch friend and mentor to all he comes into contact with. He is a great friend to our gym in Houston and has been very encouraging to me through my travels. If you ever get the chance to interact with him on a student/ teacher or business partner level, it will no doubt be a very enriching experience. Happy training!
-Missy E. – Houston, TX


I would definitely recommend Rosendo as a martial arts instructor. The advantages of learning with Rosendo is his willingness to train as intense or as laid back as you like. When you have trouble executing or perfecting a technique, Rosendo will give you the individual attention to adapt your skills and succeed. I was a total beginner to martial arts training when I started at Rosendo’s Academy and I feel confident in saying he is a superb teacher for both beginners as well as advanced students.
Jim R. – Telford, PA


I have trained in many martial arts in my time and have worked with many instructors. Rosendo Diaz is one of the best I have ever worked with. He takes time to explain as he teaches while making the techniques work for everyone in the class. His school has a family atmosphere and is welcoming to all.
Mike O. – Hatfield, PA


Rosendo Diaz has improved my jujitsu game immensely, as one might expect. Perhaps less assumed is the fact that Rosendo’s tutelage has also improved my wit. As often as I am forced to defend technique after technique on the mat, I am constantly engaged in retorting to Rosendo’s legendary verbal jabs and witty remarks. In all seriousness, Rosendo’s talent as an instructor is matched by his good will, sense of humor, and dedication to teaching. Training under Rosendo has been a great experience.
Anthony L. – Doylestown, PA


Highly skilled. He is always willing to help and answer any questions at all & he is so hilarious! well he thinks so, naw just kiddin and that is the kind of family atmosphere that he provides!
Chan W. – Harrisburg, PA


Rosendo is a master of his art and it shows. The atmosphere of his classes are lighthearted yet conducive to learning. Rosendo is just as quick to make you laugh as to truly explain the finer points of any given technique. I am so glad I chose his school.
Dan K. –