Sheri Hockman

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
Brief info

Sheri Hockman is a just a regular wife, mother and career woman like anyone else….but what’s unique about her life is that she holds a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with a passion for educating females about self awareness and personal defense. She has been training in the male dominated art since 2003 under Rosendo Diaz and has been providing community outreach programs for over a decade. The focus of her seminars is not only on teaching physical techniques but also touching on the mental psychology behind who predators target and having participants become familiar with the “signals” perpetrators display during the “grooming process” prior to an attack. Her classes encompass a comprehensive look at “self defense” from the perspective that most (80% or >) of all attacks are completed by someone known to the victim. “Knowledge is power”.